You dream of satisfying, purposeful work.

You dream of:

Work that builds on your vision and values.

Work that best uses your creativity and talents.

Work that pays well and leaves you plenty of time and energy for a rich life.


What challenges your dream? 

Are you pressured to leave your authentic self and values in the parking lot — not work with them?

Is work so stressful that it’s crippling your efficiency, your personal or family life, your sleep, your ability to know and do what matters?

Do you lack a clear vision or solid plan for turning your work dreams into thriving reality?

Work with Meaning, Work with JoyWhy I can help you. 

Once I was exhausted and miserable while working for a high pressure corporate law firm. Then I discovered a transforming practice:

Bring simple, unobtrusive spiritual practices to your work or business. Let the wisdom of spirit heal you, energize you, and guide you. 

Practicing that truth for as little as a moment or two throughout the workday changed everything. Even when three relatives on the other country were dying, I learned how to turn stressful, burnout-prone days into days filled with meaning and joy.

Later I learned how to bring more vision and creativity into any job or business, and how to handle legal or management issues of integrating spirit and work.

Pat Sullivan
What’s your pleasure?

What are your needs and dreams for satisfying and purposeful work that leaves you plenty of time for life after work?
What are your unique challenges?

Let’s talk, so I can help you craft your best solutions to workplace issues.

Are you a coach, therapist, clergy member or manager who wants to help others benefit from the wisdom of spirit and work but you don’t know how?

Whether your interest in spirit, work and money is for you or others, contact me.

I want you to know what many others and I have learned …  so you, too can work more effectively and enjoy it more all day, then go home with time and energy for a rich life.

And so your family, your community, and your creativity can enjoy being with you more.

Many blessings for your work and life,

Pat McHenry Sullivan

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