What’s your dream of satisfying work and money?

Work that pays better, uses more of your passions and talents, and leaves you more time and energy for a rich life?

Helping others enjoy their work and money in your career as a therapist, coach, clergy, or manager? 

More productive and purposeful ways of earning, spending, saving, investing, and money?

What challenges your dream? 

Are you pressured to leave your authentic self and values in the parking lot — not work with them?

Is stress crippling your efficiency, your personal or family life, your sleep, your ability to know and do what matters?

Was wisdom about the benefits of integrating spirit, work and money omitted from your education?

Do you lack a clear vision or solid plan for turning your work and money dreams into thriving reality?

Work with Meaning, Work with JoyWhy I can help you. 

While working in a high pressure corporate law firm, I discovered a transforming practice: Bring simple, unobtrusive spiritual practices to your work or business. Let the wisdom of spirit heal you, energize you, and guide you. 

Practicing that truth in moments throughout the workday changed everything. Even when three relatives on the other country were dying, I learned how to turn stressful, burnout-prone days into days filled with meaning and joy.

Since 1995, I’ve met many creative thought leaders in the fields of spirit and work and creative, purposeful ways to deal with money. I’ve written a column on spirit at work for the San Francisco Chronicle, the book Work with Meaning, Work with Joy and hundreds of articles about how to bring more vision and creativity into all work and financial dealings. I’ve spoken in many workplaces, faith communities and conferences, and consulted with many individuals to create rewarding relationships with spirit, work and money.

Now I want to share what I’ve learned with you, whether you only want a tidbit of wisdom or you are ready to dive deeper into work and money as spiritual and heroic paths to a rich life.

Pat SullivanWhatever your need or dream, welcome!

May you find solace here for tough times and inspiration for creating joy.

May the new joy and purpose you discover in your richer relationships to work and money generate benefits into everything you do.

May you have more time to pet your cat, play with you dog, dance wildly alone or with others.  May you be loaded with clarity and energy to help make this world a better place for you and all the other creatures with whom we share this lovely, hurting planet.

And as they say where I grew up, y’all come back again real soon.

Many blessings for your work and life, Pat McHenry Sullivan



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