Monthly Archives: March 2009

Dollar Bill Wisdom

When you are open to it, spiritual wisdom for money and work are everywhere. Comedian Chris Rock once joked that they’d taken God out of the workplace and out of the government. Finally he found God right in his pocket.

This doesn’t have to mean that we worship money. The dollar bill is filled with wisdom that can help us have a better relationship with money, including having more money and a more sustainable, just economy — even in a recession. Continue reading

Work-life Excellence

Work-life Excellence:
Priceless and More Easily Achievable than Work-life Balance

The term “work-life balance” has always sounded boring to me, just as the 1930’s concept of “mental hygiene” sounded way less juicy than the human potential and personal growth movements that have enlivened so many of us since the 1970’s.

Achieving work-life balance has always seemed to take so much work. Maintaining it seems even harder and so unnatural, like trying to maintain balance on a high wire when I’m really such a klutzy sort. Meditation and relaxation strategies are wonderful, but how can I stay balanced whenever a lot of energy or exertion are required?

And then there’s the awful implication that work-life balance requires a separation between what we do for work and what we do for life. Kind of like those folk-art weather houses (hygrometers)  in which a boy emerges to signify rain or the girl comes out to predict fair weather. However beautifully they are carved, the boy and girl are forever kept separate and distant. Perfectly balanced, but not much fun. Continue reading