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EMPATHY at Work By Guest Blogger Kimberly Weichel

Until recently empathy was not particularly valued in the workplaces that focused on competition, hard work and efficiency. Now empathy is finally being valued as a great catalyst to workplace relationships, creativity and many aspects of a healthy bottom line. Continue reading

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Marketing and PR: How They Can Be a Spiritual Practice and Act of Faith

Spirituality provides and effective foundation for best marketing and public relations practices; all good work, especially spiritually-based work, requires effective marketing and PR strategy. Continue reading

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How Blessed We Are By the Work and Money of Others

The love and caring we give through work impact others in many invisible ways — often over time. Continue reading

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When Making A Decision Consider All Costs: By Guest Blogger Kimberly Weichel

Every decision has a cost, which is usually more than just the published cost of an item or service. Sometimes, while trying to save money in the short run, we actually spend more in the long run. Sometimes, “free” things … Continue reading

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All faiths are rich in wisdom for money and work

The world’s religions are filled with practical spirituality on how to earn, spend, save, invest and share money. There’s abundant ancient and ever-new wisdom for how to work with less stress and more meaning … how your workplace can be a center of peace and compassion — not fraud, waste or abuse. And more. Much, much more. Continue reading

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Positive Thinking: Only with Due Diligence Is It A Good Thing

Nothing messes more with real spirituality, with real positive approaches to life, work or money than phoney or illusory positive thinking. Distorted positive thinking can cost you money, sleep, your job, peace of mind, and maybe your life. It can … Continue reading

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Building Your Workday Around Prayer: Guest Post by John Sullivan

Monastic life in all faiths is ordered around prayer. Such prayer sets the rhythm for each day. It keeps members focused on the mission of the order and the life of the community, as well as the spiritual life of … Continue reading

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Unreported Good News: Business Thrives with Compassion and other Spiritual Values

You wouldn’t know it from the major media, but more compassionate, more sustainable and way more ethical capitalism is thriving. Or, as many call it, “Conscious Capitalism.” Now there are some very easy ways to bring yourself up to speed … Continue reading

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