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The Work of Living Includes the Work of Dying

Nobody I know likes to face it, but some day we die.  Before that, we can be stuck on a bed somewhere, unable to speak for ourselves, at the mercy of someone else’s default system for how long we stay plugged up to a machine at great expense to ourselves and others.  Worse, for those of us who believe that dying is meant to be a sacred part of life, being kept artificially alive makes it darned near impossible to die with grace and dignity.

Here’s a piece of work we all need to do:  determine when life is and is not worth living, including determining when artificially maintained “life” is not really life. Then we need to determine who is our most trustworthy friend or family member to speak for us when we can’t speak for ourselves.

Here’s a resource to help you start your own conversation.  Come, add your voice.

Many blessings to you, Pat Sullivan


copyright 2012 by Pat McHenry Sullivan