Monthly Archives: October 2016

Marketing and PR: How They Can Be a Spiritual Practice and Act of Faith

The spirituality at work movement promotes the belief that all work ought to be done with integrity and purpose.  How can that apply to marketing and public relations, when so many believe that marketing and PR are all about hype, manipulation, bragging and/or lies?

How easy it is to forget that each of us is endowed each of us with many talents and the drive to use these talents purposefully.  We are called to use our talents, not bury them. We are also called to share good news, not hide our light under a bushel.

Because marketing and PR are necessary so people can see the products and services we offer, it’s time to give marketing and PR the same kind of loving attention we give our crafts and our most cherished clients.  Or as our Hindu friends might say, do all work as it were being done for our beloved.

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