Spirit, Work and Money: The Foundation for True Abundance

Spirit, work and money are meant for each other.

What if all your work and money dealings were this satisfying?

Bring spirituality to your work, and stress melts.  Burnout is replaced by the satisfaction of purposeful, meaningful service. Work becomes not just a place to earn your living, but also a joyous catalyst to the rich life you were meant to live.

Bring spirit to all the ways you earn, spend, save, invest and share money, and you thrive. As you truly love and care for money, you enjoy many benefits — spiritual and material — including a more sane, kind and profitable economy for everyone.

Welcome to our under-reported treasure trove of ancient and ever-new wisdom about spirit, work and money.  Come, find resources and connections to others who can help you discover your own vision, your own values, and your own joy of working and handling money with purpose and integrity. Call on us to help you thrive.

Pat McHenry Sullivan, principal, Visionary Resources, co-founder, Spirit and Work Resource Center

John J. Sullivan, co-founder, Spirit and Work Resource Center

Blog: www.spiritworkandmoney.com

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