Inspired Business

Got a dream for a business, creative venture, or nonprofit organization?  Want to make sure that your venture is filled with integrity and joy for everyone involved?

Any great business plan can help you leverage your talents, vision, money, time and other resources.  We’re here to help you create an inspired business, or what many call a conscious business, so your ventures profit not just you, but also those who are impacted by what you do.

Inspired Business Planning Begins with Your Integrity, Then Extends into Your Values and Vision

Vision, Joy, Purpose and Taking Care of BusinessIntegrity means not just being ethical or honest, but also whole, true to yourself, and in harmony with others.

In the drawing to the right, integrity is symbolized by the compass. Growing out of the compass are your values and vision. Joy includes the joy you are called to give yourself and others and the suffering you help alleviate.

Purpose calls you to address specific needs and build specific dreams in the world.

Vision is the result of the interaction of joy, purpose, your inner compass, and your many visionary gifts including imagination, intuition, instincts and other gifts that came loaded in our DNA but are typically trained out of us by the end of first grade.

Taking Care of Business involves building your vision (hopefully one of many visions for life and work) with great integrity, purpose and joy integrated fully with sound business wisdom:

  • Shaping your dreams and ideas into clear, fully fleshed out visions that stretch your talents far beyond their present capacity;
  • Generating a business plan for meeting every need of your venture with creativity and integrity;
  • Marketing and selling what matters in a way that matters.

We’re here to help you with all of these aspects!  Call 510-530-0284 to see how, or write and ask for a free copy of my article on inspired business planning.

Pat Sullivan has provided several seminars for the Small Business Administration in our San Francisco Entrepreneur Center training room and has proven to be a reliable, flexible, and talented presenter. Gary Marshall, U.S. Small Business Administration, San Francisco

copyright 2018 by Pat McHenry Sullivan

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