Money and Spirit

The media may not report it much, but it’s true that:

  • The true love of money — not worshiping it, but treating it honestly and with care — returns many spiritual and material benefits, including a more sane, kind and profitable economy for you and everyone else.
  • Your purpose and sense of meaning can enhance and guide your work and how you deal with money.
  • All faiths are rich with wisdom for how to earn, spend, save, invest and share money wisely.
  • When you shift your feelings about money, you shift your thoughts about money, which shifts how you act around money.
  • This creates a recipe for true abundance: spirit + money+ work in thought and deed = sustainable, satisfying abundance.

Come join us to work with these and other great ideas!  Turn off the fear-based, greedy, often nasty discourse that passes for dialogue around money in the larger culture.  Turn away from the shallow, celebrity-obsessed ideas of how much money you should make and how you should spend it. Tune into your own wisdom source so you can  discover what truly matters and how money can help you do what matters for the rest of your life.

We invite you to discover the wisdom and resources we have found.  Much of this comes from research; much is from our own work to deal with money in a way that is true to our faith and values.  From the poverty vows John Sullivan took as a member of a religious order, for instance, we learned: 1) many of us  impoverish ourselves with unintended poverty vows; 2) the religious poverty vows can be translated into a model for thriving in today’s secular world because they focus not on what’s popular, but on deeper reflection on what we truly need for a rich life for ourselves and others.

Come join us in our blog; add your voice to that of others who also want to create a new economy whose bottom line profits are anchored in integrity, purpose and joy for all of us.

Many blessings for your spirited new money relationship, Pat and John Sullivan

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