Challenge Your Money Reality

Want to bring more joy to all the ways you deal with money?  Want your relationship with money to benefit you and those you love? Here are two books that can profoundly change your perspective about money, so you change your actions and enhance your results with money.

Bari Tessler’s The Art of Money brings life-changing mindfulness to all your money dealings. Guaranteed to help you fearlessly confront all your money distortions, then build a new money relationship based on truth-telling self-discovery, meditation, humor, effective action and a bit of dark chocolate.

Barbara Stanny’s Overcoming Underearning goes way beyond fulfilling the promise of her book’s title. Working through this book, as a colleague and I have done, takes you deep into understanding any limiting beliefs about money, how you developed them, and how to develop a rich new relationship with money that impacts every aspect of your life.

Stanny’s website offers a variety of books and programs to find a sacred relationship to money, including wealth with integrity, and how to change money issues after the age of 60.

Take a 30-day Money Challenge

To make the most of what you learn about money, put it into practice!

Every day for 30 days, set aside 15 minutes to an hour to read one of the books above or some of our blog posts about money. 

Read and reflect alone or with a partner, and be consistent. Keep your focus on how you can earn, save, invest and share your money with more integrity, purpose and joy.

Every day, hold some money in your hand. Give thanks for it and welcome guidance on how to anchor your finances (your personal economy) in money sanity, money harmony, and money consciousness.

Every day, see how you can share a portion of your abundance with others. Even if you have no money to spare, see how you can share any of your gifts in a way that has integrity to you.

Take notes of what you learn and how your relationship to money improves bit by bit.  Be sure to celebrate each improvement, no matter how small it is.


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