Challenge Yourself To A Better Relationship with Money and Work

Want to bring more joy to all the ways you deal with money and work?   More joy for all your life and for the lives of others?  Here’s a challenge:

  • Every day for 30 days, set aside 10-30 minutes to discover how you can earn, save, invest and share your money with more integrity, purpose and joy.
  • Every day, act more from your deepest guidance about money.
  • Every day, take small steps to anchor your finances (your personal economy) in money sanity, money harmony, and money consciousness.
  • Every day, share a portion of your increase with others in a way that empowers them to create money sanity, harmony and consciousness.

As your money relationship improves, your financial dealings can help build a world economy that is saner, safer, more sustainable, more satisfying and just.

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One Response to Challenge Yourself To A Better Relationship with Money and Work

  1. Miriam says:

    Dear Pat,
    What can I say the video was simply overwhelming and the message was so beautiful and so touching. I also laughed and cried, but the tears were tears of utter joy, thanks so much for the link to the magical video. I will follow through with the exercise, but at the moment I am as stated on overwhelm and it is also really late.. I read most of your blog and will come back and reread all of it, makes so much sense. Thanks for knowing what to say regarding $$$$$$$, you go to the heart of the matter.
    In application and gratitude

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