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Some great books about spirit and work:

Bringing Your Soul to Work: An Everyday Practice
By Cheryl Peppers and Alan Briskin

Offers practical wisdom for people in any field. There are many great stories and simple but profound exercises for seeing your work in a new way. Co-author Briskin is one of the pioneers in the field of spirit and work. (Berrett- Koehler, 2000).

Church on Sunday, Work on Monday: The Challenge of Fusing Christian Values with Business Life
By Laura Nash, Ken Blanchard, and Scotty McLennan

Though focused on Christianity, this book rings true for all faiths when it discusses the often wide split between faith and business, and why there is often such strong suspicion from one side toward the other. (Jossey-Bass, 2001)

Heart at Work: Stories and Strategies for Building Self-Esteem and Reawakening the Soul at Work
Edited by Jack Canfield and Jacqueline Miller (New York: McGraw Hill, 1996), and

Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work: 101 Stories of Compassion and Creativity in the Workplace
Edited by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Maida Rogerson, Martin Rutte, and Tim Clauss (Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications, 1996). 

These books offer stories and resources that can be used even in groups where the word spirituality is forbidden. They are also useful for anyone who works with workplace issues.

Life And Livelihood: A Handbook For Spirituality At Work
By Episcopal priest Whitney Wherrett Roberson (Grace Cathedral, San Francisco). 

For many years, Whitney facilitated conversations about spirit and work throughout the Bay Area. Her eloquent collection of discussion “agendas” offers ideas and readings from all faiths. This books is useful to individuals as well as any type of group.

Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism
By Patricia Aburdene.  

A consummate story teller, Aburdene provides grounded hope with examples from top companies that show the power of spirit to transform every aspect of work. (Hampton Roads Publishing Company, May 2007)

The Reinvention of Work: A New Vision of Livelihood for Our Time
By Matthew Fox.

Matt is justly famous for his ability to frame lively new perspectives in a foundation of history, all the world’s religions, and many mystical traditions. (Harper Collins, 1994). 

The Soul of Selling: How to Achieve Extraordinary Results with Remarkable Ease (And Not Lose Your Soul in the Process)
By Carol Costello. 

Selling with integrity is probably the hardest, most daunting task for entrepreneurs. Costello offers inspiration and practical tips that transform selling itself into a spiritual practice. (Benbella Books, 2005)

The Spirit at Work Phenomenon
By Sue Howard and David Welbourn. 

Whether you are a long-term student of the spirt at work movement or are just discovering why so many people want to bring spirit to work, this is a great starting place. Compelling stories, solid research from many fields and faiths, combined with the authors’ experience make for both a first class read and reference work.  (Pilgrim Press, 2005)

Transforming Practices: How to Find Joy and Satisfaction in the Legal Life
By Steven Keeva

Though aimed at lawyers, this is one of the best books in the field for anyone. . Though the book is out of print, it hopefully will be reprinted soon. (sponsored by the ABA Journal, Contemporary Books, 1998).

Work with Meaning, Work with Joy: Bringing Your Spirit to Any Job
By Pat McHenry Sullivan

Stories, tips and resources for people of all faiths, all levels of the corporate ladder. This book grew out of her columns on spirit and work for the San Francisco Chronicle. (Sheed & Ward, 2003)

Z.B.A. Zen of Business Administration; How Zen Practice Can Transform Your Work And Your Life

Funny, wise stries and advice from the founder of Brush Dance, former head abbot of the Tassajara Zen Monastery, and business consultant with an MBA from NYU. (New World Library, 2005)

Some great resources for spirit and work:

Centre for Spirituality and Work in Toronto. You don’t have to go to Toronto to benefit from this center ( Their current and archived event listing is a treasure trove of ideas for talking about spirit and work and for designing programs in your area.

High Tor Alliance ( offers reports on various types of contemplative prayer at work.

International Center for Spirit and Work ( is the major organization to connect people in the spirit and work field. Founder Judi Neal has been a leading connector of kindred spirits for many years. A yearly highlight is the annual spirit and work awards, which honor companies with open, strong spiritual values. The 2008 conference will be held near San Francisco, October 31-November 2.

Websites,, and offer outstanding brief links to all religions, as well as articles and columns (often by internationally known authors) about practical spirituality.

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