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We’d like you to know:

  • The average person spends over 88,000 lifetime hours working for pay – not counting time spent preparing for work, commuting to and from work or recuperating from work!
  • When you bring the best of spirit to work – including creativity, compassion, integrity, a sense of meaning and purpose – you are best equipped to deal effectively with all the challenges of work.
  • All spiritual issues come alive at work. All the world’s religions are filled with wisdom for work. Yet work is rarely discussed in faith communities, so you are unlikely to know that wisdom!
  • Most major business magazines have reported favorably on the growing interest in spirit and work. So have legal and other professional journals.

Click here for more some recommended resources for spirit and work.

As researchers and writers in the field of spirit and work since 1995, we have gathered over a hundred books and many hundreds of great articles on every aspect of spirit and work. Until recently the library was housed at a local church; now the books and articles are in storage, awaiting a new home.   Click here for an overview of our resources collection.

Because so many resources about spirit and work are now available online, we are now increasing our online resources.  We also offer more extensive research in the field for a modest fee.

Our files cover most spirit and work issues:

Overview Articles on the growing spirit and work movement include articles from Business Week, Fortune, Forbes, Industry Week, Law Practice Management Magazine, Workforce Management and many others. Most of these articles report positively and in-depth. The Los Angeles Times devoted two special issues of the business section to spirit and work.

Issues include articles on legal and human resources challenges in a diverse workplace culture; stress, burnout and time management, benefits and concerns about spirit and work from many perspectives.

Practices include prayer, meditation, altar-building, dialogue, storytelling and more that are adapted to workday realities.

Professions articles include information and inspiration from law, medicine, training, financial management and other professions. Our materials cover the unique soul of a profession, it’s challenges, and what people in the field are doing to integrate spirit and work.

Quotes and poetry include short readings you can use alone or in a group.

Religions articles cover the wisdom of all faiths for work, plus information on how specific faiths are dealing with today’s workplace issues.

This is just a small sampling of our offerings! Also, the collection grows, weekly, as people (you, perhaps?) add new books, articles, or funds.

To your satisfying good work, Pat and John Sullivan

To make an appointment to use the resource center, call Pat or John Sullivan at (510) 530-0284

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