Spiritual Tips for Stressful Days

Too many tasks, too little time. Stress that exhausts you so much you can’t sleep well or think well. Burnout.

Every work situation is filled with hard challenges like these– challenges that require much more than stress management or time management programs.

Fortunately, your spiritual self is a natural genius at stress release.

With practice, it can help you harness other resources like creativity and intuition to turn chaos into order, tension into relaxed focus.

Your spiritual self is your most authentic and creative self.

  • Your spiritual self knows how to operate with integrity in all its meanings: honest, ethical, true to yourself and in harmony with others.
  • Your spiritual self knows what’s most purposeful and meaningful to you. Thus, it knows how to cut the BS and get to what’s essential. It can face and speak hard truths with compassion and inspiration that motives positive change.
  • Your spiritual self knows best how to stay in the present, learn from the past and work towards your most meaningful future.

When you operate from your most authentic spiritual self, you are naturally more efficient. You can more easily deal with a very cranky boss. You can also create better work for yourself. You find meaning and purpose in every task, so work naturally becomes less stressful and more satisfying.

How do you put your spiritual self effectively to work?

The same way you do anything else: practice. Practice taking a deep breath in stressful moments. Practice centering and getting more present before you start your workday, throughout your day, and at the end of the day. Use prayer, affirmations and other spiritual practices you already find useful in other settings. For a free copy of 10 tips for bringing spirit to your work, click here.

Make simple changes to the workspace that support your most authentic, spiritual self. Read the workplace altars article. Borrow freely from the wisdom of all the world’s religions. Read the Huston Smith interview.

Read this fun article, originally written for law firm employees: “Take a Two Minute Retreat”.

Affirmations are potent stress relievers.

Affirmations are a wonderful way to help you release stress, manage time and thrive in any challenge. I love affirmations that begin with personal choice and commitment. Here are some that can be used or adapted in any setting:

I choose to see clearly the truth of this situation, including my own pride, fear or other faults, as well as my gifts, inner resources and allies.

I choose to see clearly what is mine to do in this situation, and what I am called to relinquish to others.

I call forth the support of others and my own courage to best stand up for myself while serving others.

I choose to see clearly what I am called to do in this situation, and then to follow those calls, to the best of my ability.

Got your own affirmations or comments to share? We’re always listening.

Pat McHenry Sullivan is a work and conscious business consultant. She’s the author of two books and many articles on spirit and work. Contact Pat at (510) 530-0284 or  pat@spiritworkandmoney.com

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