Stress Release: the Spiritual Practice You Always Have With You


Throw out your notions of stress management. It’s just too puny an idea to generate any vision of vitality that can emerge when you integrate spirit with work and money.

Stretch instead into a vision of stress release that is as natural as how your body breathes in energy and breathes out toxins 24/7. Attuning to the rhythm of in breath is also the foundation of many spiritual practices that can help you be more present to yourself and others. It can help you be more whole, more attuned to your purposes and better able to fulfill them with integrity and joy.

Stress Release for Hard Times Sets the Stage for Joyous Times.

I invented the stress release models I share in this section over 20 years ago when three relatives on the other side of the country were dying, our cat was dying of kidney failure, my husband was out of work, and the high-stress law firm where I worked went through three downsizings.

Using these models, I not only got through tough days, but often I could do overtime to pay for more cross-country plane trips. Sometimes I had more energy at the end of a long workday than when it began. Over time, I saw more clearly how to fulfill the long-held vision of doing the work you see in this website, and I found a way to help lawyers bring more of their vision and values to their work.

Often, while dealing with tough times, pain turned to gratitude or joy, even raucous laughter.

May You Be a Creator of Stress Release Practices that Work for You.

Enjoy what’s presented here and feel free to adapt it to your own needs. Or use it also as a catalyst to your own creativity. Together, we can create a stress-free world, a world that is too busy creating joy to make trouble for themselves and others.

Send your comments about stress release needs, practices and ideas here.

Blessings for your joyous, productive workdays, Pat Sullivan

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