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For Miraculous Purpose-Finding and Marketing Inspiration, See Trader Joe’s Tissues

Most people really want their work to be purposeful.  But beyond a vague, generic “I want to help people,” most can’t define what that means.  This makes it darned impossible to land the right helping-people job, perfect clients for your meaningful business, or donors for your non-profit agency.

Fortunately, you can learn much of what you need to know about purpose-finding and marketing strategy from a 99 cent box of Trader Joe’s tissue. Continue reading

How to Raise Money for Your New Business When You Can’t Get a Business Loan

Small business loans used to be fairly easy to get.  All my first business planning client in 1994 needed to get an SBA-backed loan was a well-thought-out idea and credit worthiness (she supplied that), writing skills (I supplied that) and some market research (we figured that out together). She got her loan, quit her day job, then turned her passionate hobby and part-time business of photography into a successful full-time business.

Today, the best most new businesses get from the bank is not a loan but the advice to start a business by bootstrapping.  But what if your bootstraps are kind of puny?  If just can’t get enough from your credit cards, your savings, your family, friends or any payout you got when you were laid off? Continue reading

7 Ways to Bring More of Your Values and Vision into Your Business plan

Only a really nasty person would deliberately plan to create a business that’s unethical or harmful to employees, the earth and other stakeholders.  Yet, following the wisdom of the old adage, “failing to plan is planning to fail,” then failing to structure our vision and values into our businesses or jobs is planning to leave out those values — at least as measured by too many sorry results. Continue reading

“How to Thrive at Work without Selling Your Soul”

You want all your work and financial dealings to be done with integrity.  You want to thrive at work, not just stagger through stressful days, then limp home to the TV or other drug of choice.  You want all the ways you earn, spend, or invest money to be purposeful –engaging your talents and serving others.  You want a world where others get a fair shake, and their concerns also matter.

So how do you do this in a world where fraud, waste or abuse seem to be the norm?  Where it seems that, in order to earn your paycheck or have a thriving business, you’ve got to give up your need for a life, your values, your sense of purpose or your integrity.

Continue reading

Unreported Good News: Business Thrives with Compassion and other Spiritual Values

You wouldn’t know it from the major media, but more compassionate, more sustainable and way more ethical capitalism is thriving. Or, as many call it, “Conscious Capitalism.” Now there are some very easy ways to bring yourself up to speed in how the conscious capitalism movement can impact your individual work, your business and/or your finances.

Just What is Conscious Capitalism and Why Is It So Beneficial to Us All?

The conveners of last summer’s conference on conscious capitalism at Bentley University offered these three key elements of conscious capitalism:

  • companies have a purpose that transcends profit maximization;
  • companies are managed for the benefit of all stakeholders in their ecosystem, not just shareholders; and
  • companies are led by spiritually evolved, self-effacing servant leaders. Continue reading

True Love of Money Is the Root of Many Blessings

“The love of money is the root of all evil.” What if that ubiquitous saying is flat-out wrong? What if, instead, true love of money returns many benefits spiritual and material, including a more sane, kind and profitable economy for everyone? What if you love money according to the definition in Paul’s 1 Corinthians 13, where love is defined as patient, kind and many more wondrous things?

If love is one of the most powerful forces for good in the universe, then loving money must also be a powerful force for good. Continue reading