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Life without vision is drudgery.
Vision without action is but an empty dream.
Life guided by vision is joy,
and the hope of earth.

adapted from an ancient church saying

When you are the visionary you were born to be, you activate a unique-to-you operating system that will help you:

  • Discover and fulfill your true passions and purpose.
  • Do more of what matters to you.
  • Notice more opportunities, allies and resources.
  • Solve a pressing problem with ingenuity and resourcefulness.
  • Use your creativity in whatever way most satisfies you.
  • Create a better world now and leave a legacy for the future.

To be visionary in work and life, engage your many powerful, natural visionary abilities.

You were born loaded with the capacity to handle information from all your senses, plus the perspective of your intuition, imagination, emotions, instincts, memory, rational mind and many more gifts.

Your DNA also gives you the capacity to wonder, to dream, to follow your curiosity.  You were born with a hunger to become fluent in the language of your own heart, to love, and to make a difference.  You also were born with the seeds of patience and courage, so you can hear your most shy dreams and move forward again every time you fall.

Use these gifts, and you can see more clearly every day how to live best for the joy of yourself and others — including the natural world.

There’s a huge difference between most ideas (however innovative) and a real vision.

A real vision, whether it’s answering an immediate question like “what’s for dinner?” or a sweeping one like “how am I called to help create peace in the world?” will meet real needs of body, mind and spirit, including the need for pleasure.  It will lead to increased value for self and others, not clutter or harm.

Real visions are often self-motivating because they are true to you, and they come from your depths. Further, visions often inspire you to stretch your talents way beyond their present capacity, or to take creative risks you never thought you could take.  They will engage more of your gifts and make you more present to your world, within and without.

That’s why following a vision is way more satisfying and meaningful that following a quickly set goal or bowing to our culture’s obsession with quick or easy answers.

Integrity in all its meanings is the foundation for real vision — not just another idea.

Integrity means being whole, so you bring all your visionary abilities to any question: right brain and left, gut instincts, what you’re learned in school, and many more information-gathering abilities.  Integrity means looking not for a quick fix but the wisest advice of your full consciousness and conscience.

Integrity means being true to yourself and on the level with others:  honest, just, naturally ethical.  All this makes a great bottom line for your life, your job or business, our economy, nation and world.

You were probably trained more to quash your visionary abilities than to use them.

Though our visionary gifts were not designed to be disposable, our world generally does not help us be the visionaries we were born to be. Thus, most pre-schoolers are highly imaginative; few high schoolers are. Intuition and instincts are at least equally repressed.

Our culture prizes quick answers, not reflection or discernment.  It’s hard to find visioning or creative time when we are overloaded with activities and information, sparse on wisdom or silence.  Few of us have had training in industrial or design arts, business planning, or other tools that could help us shape ideas into effective plans.  Fewer still have the courage to be clueless long enough to see or hear the quieter wisdom of our hearts and souls.  Rare also is the support we need to discover our true gifts and callings, or to tell the truth in a business setting

Little wonder that we live in a polluted world, with unstable economies, rampant illness, a lot of violence, and a lot of exhausted, unhappy people who do not know or live their dreams.

Fortunately, our most hidden visionary gifts are still alive.  They can be reclaimed and activated — as if we were archaeologists into our own minds and hearts, bringing to the surface treasures beyond our richest imagining.

No matter how repressed your visionary abilities are, you can rediscover and develop them, starting now.

Start with the article, “Finding Visions for Work and Life” for tips you can use now to rediscover your visionary abilities and experiment with them.

Be inspired by lives of people you admire.  Discover here visionary inspiration and tips for your life based on the life of Albert Schweitzer:  master musician, theologian, author, medical missionary, hospital builder, ecologist, and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Check our resources and blog for a growing body inspiration and ideas, especially in the areas of work, money, and integrating your values with your everyday life.

We’re here to help you be the visionary you were born to be and thrive — to benefit yourself and others.

Check our products and services section to see how you can focus a vision for your life, create a bankable business plan based on your values, market and sell with integrity, or enhance the visioning abilities of your group.

And keep coming back.  All the work of Visionary Resources is designed to help all of us be the visionaries we were born to be, so we can all live in a world filled with integrity, purpose and great joy.

To your particular visionary genius,

Pat McHenry Sullivan, principal
Visionary Resources

copyright 2010 by Pat McHenry Sullivan, t/a Visionary Resources

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