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While going through extremely tough times in a job I originally hated, I discovered and began to promote a powerful truth:

Amazing things happen when you work from your wisest self.

Stress melts, and burnout is no longer an issue.

You can see clearly the essential truths under challenging or chaotic situations.

You can envision the most effective path to fulfilling service for yourself and others.

Stress release and time management are simple, because you can see clearly what is essential and what is not, what is yours to do and what is not.

You are inspired to keep going through tough times, over hard obstacles.

You inspire others to help you create a workplace and world that work for all.

While talking to people in many types of jobs, then writing many articles and giving talks or workshops on spirit and work, I learned another powerful truth.

People from all world’s religions, and people with no religious affiliation have discovered how to increase wisdom at work by bringing more spirit to their work.

Among the many trends that could benefit you are:

Meditation in many forms, from formal meditation drawn from various religious traditions to walking meditations at lunchtime, to moments of reflection throughout the day.  Here’s a fun guided visualization you can use in stressful times.

Inspiration and insights from all the world’s religions. This interview with world religions scholar Huston Smith gives you a great overview of this wisdom treasure house.  Here is an adaptation of the Prayer of St. Francis, “Make Me an Instrument of Peace at Work, which is beloved by people from all religions.

Create a sanctuary and sacred space at work. We’ve been gathering stories and photos of creative and simple ways people do this for over ten years. Here’s my column on workplace altars from the San Francisco Chronicle to inspire you.

Create your own wisdom practices that best suit your workplace.

Want personal attention for yourself or your group? Here are some choices:

  • Have a one-on-one session to custom-design your own best practices for your workplace, your unique challenges and opportunities. For more information about one-on-one consults, click here.
  • Bring me to your group for a workshop or talk to explore any aspect of spirit and work, including stress release and visions for life and work.
  • For more information on consults, talks and workshops, click here.


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