Revisioning Work

Amazing things happen when you quit trying to “figure out” what you want to be or do, then dare to activate your many visionary potentials.

You were born loaded with these potentials. Curiosity, imagination, intuition, a sense of wonder, a hunger to explore the world matched with patience and the willingness to tolerate ambiguity are just a few of these often under-valued natural gifts.

Dare to Dream

Poem available as PDF file for printing

Poem available as PDF file for printing

Rather than being helped to develop your many visionary potentials, you were probably taught to quash them, usually by the end of first grade. Fortunately, those quashed potentials are still alive, and it’s never too late to reawaken them and put them to satisfying use.

That’s why we offer freely the article, “Finding Visions for Work and Life.” We invite you to print it and cut it in paragraphs if you wish, and reflect on their relevance to you as you take a walk or otherwise go about your daily business.

Pat Sullivan has a gift for helping people to clarifying their visions and find their deepest sense of purpose. Through discussion, diagramming, visualization, and other exercises, she creates a sense of safety and exploration that is both playful and deep. I highly recommend her.

Judi Neal, Founder, Association for Spirit at Work

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